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The industries that support the sniper community were generous with their time and efforts to ensure that new products, weapons, and optics were properly and accurately covered in the magazine.

In November 2010, we published our 24th issue— We have interviewed industry leaders, offered sustainment articles, reviewed weapon systems, optics, and tactical gear. With 4800 current readers, we are growing daily into a professional journal that still remains true to its core. . . Assisting professional shooters maintain their skill sets, and add new ones, all while keeping the advertisement level low and the bull crap even lower. Check us out— we publish straight to our reading list!

“Just wanted to say "Thank You" once again for all your hard work with Sniperworx. It is a great resource and very valuable." D.H. airport SWAT, Dallas,Texas

“I put every issue in a binder and make each sniper read it – absolutely invaluable training source. Thank you for publishing it “ R.C., sniper section leader US Army


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About the authors


While there Tony instructed room clearing, Hostage Rescue, Explosive and Mechanical Breaching Techniques, and the Employment of Snipers and Designated Marksmen in support of CQB operations. Tony has attended over 32 schools. Most of his training and schooling stems from his time in the military and with his current occupation as a Officer in the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division where he works as a member of the Vehicle Inspection Teams and as a Magnetometer Advance Officer for Presidential and Foreign Dignitary Protection details.

Some of his most notable training is as follows: Scout Sniper Basic Course Scout Sniper Advanced Course Mountain Scout Sniper Course CQB Course CQB Instructor Course HRP – High Risk Personnel Course FBI Firearms Instructor Course Basic Airborne School UK Explosive Search School Recon and Surveillance Course (SOTG) Bill Rodgers Shooting Course (Pistol, Sub gun, & Shotgun) FLETC – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Secret Service Academy in Beltsville, MD Tony has served on multiple weapon and optics test projects for the Military and currently enjoys competing in a variety of shooting sports, testing and evaluating weapons, gear and equipment along with writing in his free time.


JOHN BOYETTE -(shooting editor for SNIPERWORX.COM) is a nine year combat veteran of the U.S. Army with deployments from two peace keeping missions and one deployment on the G.W.O.T. During his deployment in Iraq john started to develop an interest in Sniper operations and Sniper tactics. Upon John’s return from OIF-I; he started to shoot competitively in long range tactical matches across the southeastern part of the country and still competes in sniper competitions regularly.

John is also the owner of TRACE ARMORY GROUP— a company that teaches long range precision marksmanship, exterior ballistics, mil relation skills, and core marksmanship courses (carbine, pistol, shotgun). John is currently working as a contractor for the Dept. of Energy .
Some of the classes John has attended are: U.S. Army A.M.U. Squad Designated Marksman Instructor Course Jan 05 Bi-monthly Sniper training with an law enforcement department, 04-05 U.S. Army Jump Master School Nov 2002, 82nd Airborne Div. M.O.U.T., Platoon level Instructor cert Nov 2000, 82nd Airborne Div. Crew Served, Machinegun Leaders Course Sept 98, U.S. Army Javelin Anti-Tank School May 97 U.S. Army Airborne School Mar-97, U.S. Army Basic training and Infantry, School Nov 96- Mar 97