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this is a good question - most of our readership is law enforcement (city, state, and federal), military (USMC, NAVY, US ARMY, AIR FORCE AND COAST GUARD) along with private security contractors (Triple Canopy, Xe, DynCorp, Praetorian) and industry leaders like (Remington, Leupold, Schmidt Bender, Nightforce, Desert Tactical Arms, Vortex Tactical optics, Black Hills ammunition, EGW precision, to name a few)

Is there another form of payment, besides ?

yes, there is contact us via email at for details on alternate methods of payment.

A little history

U.S. Marine Corps sniping program, mid 1960's, Vietnam war... the Winchester model 70 rifle in .30 caliber (30-06) was never officially adopted by the USMC as a sniper rifle for Marines in Vietnam. However, the Unertl 8x optic was and had been placed in storage. It's this optic that allowed some of the most phenomenal combat sniper shooting ever,to happen. The Unertl 8x (actual power was 7.8x) was the same optic used in WW2 on M1903A1 rifles, and with even with its drawbacks (operator return to battery after each shot, not sealed, physically long, limited field of view fixed 7.8 power) The Unertl , USMC, Sniper 8x , rifle telescope did have one huge advantage, 200 minutes of angle, for elevation adjustment, in 1/4MOA and later 1/2MOA clicks. This allowed the Winchester model 70 in .30-06 to be zeroed in 100 yard increments out to 1200yds and some rifles to 1500 yds depending on the snipers skill to hold a tight enough group at distance. Some raw data here - with approximately 3.5MOA per mil-rad, that is 57 mil-rad in the USMC Unertl 8x !!! Compared with alot of modern offerings in the 19 mil-rad range for internal elevation, these 'modern' scopes only offer 66.5 MOA! What a contrast...

"Jack Hinson's One Man War - a civil war sniper " by Tom C. McKenney LtCol, USMC (ret.)

This book is a TRUE STORY of an Tennessee landowner during the US Civil war that has Federal troops murder his sons and seeks revenge on his own using his shooting and outdoor skills via long range precision fire and a custom made rifle.You will not be able to put this book down; it's that good.